Still Holding On – for TJ

My cuz TJ was killed on my bday
He was 25 I just turned 25
Never thought in my mind
he would be the one to die
a massive shooting in the  town of mine
He got 4 kids knee high
That cut deep huh
He can’t work in the morning
he can’t feed em
He got a wife at home
Now she can’t see em
He’s got sisters bro they really need him
On top of that his kids wanna see him

I got a bone to pick the world is sick
Mental health and entitlement
Devil supremacist lead to this
Together we stand divided we fall

We should throw hands before we bare arms

For all the victims I’m crushed by your loss

Even tho you’re gone we still holding on

Hip Hop artist Jevin Lamar’s cousin Tee Jay McNichols was killed in the Dayton, Ohio mass shooting on August 4 of this year. As a tribute to Tee Jay and those that tragically died alongside him, Jevin has created an extraordinary track, “Still Holding On”. The heartfelt lyrics explore the economic devastation of Dayton that served as a background to the shooting. They’re also about race, about family, and about hope.

The video for the track, directed David Ambrose, received its world premiere on The Young Turks’ Damage Report on November 1, and the song was released on November 5 as part of a 6-song E.P entitled Street Orphan. The video was shot in the broken and hurting neighborhoods that Jevin grew up in, and features Jevin and Tee Jay’s family.

In memory of Tee Jay and all those who’ve lost their lives due to gun violence in Dayton, Jevin is asking that donations are made to Daybreak Dayton, a shelter for homeless teenagers, where Jevin Lamar himself sought refuge at the age of 14. That life is the inspiration for the title track of his E.P., “Street Orphan.”

“Keep Holding On” was written by Jevin Lamar. It was produced by GKF Beats (YouTube and SoundCloud). And was engineered and mastered by TrueChord and was recorded at TrueChord Sound Systems in Downtown Los Angeles.

Jevin Lamar was assistant producer on the film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, shot partly in Dayton.

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